- What Is The Rental Confirmation Form & Why Is It Necessary?

The Rental Confirmation Form is our way of guaranteeing availability of rental equipment. Without it, we cannot guarantee that the equipment you'll need will be available on the dates you'll need it. Thus, we require you to fill our this form once you've browsed the equipment and figured out what you're looking for, as well as come to a conclusion as to when you'd need it. You'll also find on this form opportunities for discounts, such as the "MFDP Member" discount, as well as the "First Time Renter" discount.

Once you've submitted the Rental Confirmation Form and received your email response from MFDP, including your Rental Confirmation Number, we'll hold your equipment for a (7) day rental confirmation period, making sure that no one can rent your equipment on your dates. 

- How Do I Confirm My Rental?

You can confirm your rental, after browsing our inventory and choosing your equipment and dates, by submitting the Rental Confirmation Form. We will check our rentals calendar to make sure all of the equipment is available.

If all the equipment you're requesting is available on the dates you need it, we will send you an email with a Rental Confirmation Number you can use to guarantee the availability of your equipment for a (7) day rental confirmation period. If not, we'll send you an email describing what equipment is and is not available, and work with you to isolate another date or isolate the equipment that is available on the original dates in question. 

- I Paid For My Rental Without Confirming It. What Now?

It is physically/digitally possible to complete a rental purchase without confirming the rental. Unfortunately, if you have not confirmed your rental equipment/dates through our confirmation process, we cannot guarantee your equipment is available on the dates you'll need it. Unfortunately, if you've completed a purchase without submitting to the rental confirmation process, you will no longer eligible for a refund. 

What we will do is work with you to find other dates viable for you and our calendar in order to get your production the equipment it needs. Without participating in our confirmation process, we become limited in our ability to assist. So, make sure you submit your Rental Confirmation Form before any purchase is completed.

- I Just Submitted A Rental Confirmation Form, What Can I Do?

Within 24 hrs of your submitting the Rental Confirmation Form, you will receive an email letting you know if your equipment is available.


If your equipment is available for confirmation on the dates you've requested, the email will instruct you as to your Rental confirmation Code as well as explaining your (7) day rental confirmation period. Once you've received this email citing the Rental Confirmation Code, you're good to get started renting the equipment described in your your Rental Confirmation Form. If any changes or concerns occur, feel free to reach out. We're always happy to work with renters to get them what they need when they need it!


If your equipment is not available, the email response will describe what equipment, if any, is and is not available on the dates you've requested. We'll also be working with you to isolate the equipment ask and/or find some new dates that work for you.