MFDP Damage Waiver

What is the MFDP Damage Waiver?

The MFDP Damage Waiver is available for renters who will not be insuring their productions for whatever reason. The cost of the waiver is (15%) of the total cost of the production, which means waiver costs fluctuate from production to production. 

When/where should I purchase MFDP Damage Waiver?

The MFDP Damage Waiver must be purchased IN PERSON at the Coral Gables Art Cinema any time before or on your scheduled rental pick-up date. You will not be allowed to pick-up your equipment without having an MFDP Damage Waiver or proof of production insurance on file for the rental.

What does the waiver cover in terms of loss/damage?

The MFDP Damage Waiver covers any damage to the equipment incurred during the rental period. It DOES NOT cover lossed or stolen equipment.

Part or all of the equipment in my rental was stolen/lost. Now what?

Sorry to hear that! If you have proof of production insurance on file, MFDP Rentals will coordinate with your production insurer to cover recover these costs. In the event that no proof of production insurance is on file for the rental, the renter will be responsible for the costs of replacing all item(s) lost or stolen during the renter's rental period.

*The MFDP Damage Waiver does not cover any equipment stolen or lost during the rental period.