What Are The Basic Requirements To Rent Equipment With MFDP Rentals?

The basic requirements to rent equipment with MFDP Rentals are as follows:

  1. Production must be based in South Florida.
  2. Production must provide proof of production insurance or purchase an MFDP Damage Waiver IN PERSON at the Coral Gables Art Cinema on or before the renter's scheduled pick-up date.
  3. Special production circumstances, (international production dates, special stunts, pyrotechnic effects, etc), must be insured by an equally respective policy. 
  4. Rental dates and equipment request must first be confirmed before any equipment availability can be guaranteed.

Can You Elaborate About The Production Insurance Requirement?

Yes! In order to rent from MFDP Rentals, your production must provide proof of insurance or purchase an MFDP Damage waiver to cover the rental. If the production will be providing proof of insurance, the Certificate of Insurance must include and reflect coverage of the equipment being rented through MFDP Rentals for the full rental period.

If you will not be insuring the production, then you will be required to purchase an MFDP Damage Waiver IN PERSON at the Coral Gables Art Cinema on or before your rental's pick-up date. This is a standard practice of rental services industry-wide, as well as an industry standard for film and video productions seeking rental services.

While you will not need to provide proof of insurance during the initial confirmation and rental procedures, you will not be allowed to pick up your equipment without having either proof of insurance or an MFDP Damage Waiver purchase on file. Either of these can be provided/purchased before or on to the pick-up date of the rental in question. If proof of insurance or the purchase of an MFDP Damage Waiver is not provided by the renter by the scheduled pick-up date of the rental in question, the cost of the rental will NOT be refunded to the renter. The renter will be allowed to work out a new pick-up date, pending the renter's providing proof of insurance or purchasing an MFDP Damage Waiver.

Can You Elaborate On Guaranteeing The Availability Of Equipment?

Sure! In order to make sure your rental is available for the dates you'll need it, MFDP Rentals has a rental confirmation process which involves submitting the "Rental Confirmation Form", and receiving from an MFDP Admin a "Rental Confirmation Number" that will be necessary to conclude the rental. Upon the receipt of your Rental Confirmation Number, the equipment described in the Rental Confirmation Form you originally sent will be held for your consideration on the dates requested for a (48) hour period, allowing you to complete the purchase online in those (48) hours before your rental confirmation is no longer valid. If your rental purchase is not concluded online within that (48) hour period, then the rental confirmation will be nullified, and a new rental confirmation form must be submitted to guarantee the availability of any equipment in question. If any changes or concerns occur, feel free to reach out to us in order to rectify these possible concerns.

When You Say "Production Must Be Based In South Florida", What Does That Mean Exactly?

MFDP Rentals is meant to service local production directly. We are not "in the business" of assisting visiting productions, but rather we're concerned with supporting our own homegrown artists here is South Florida. So, when we say "based in", what we mean is that the production must be headquartered in the South Florida region or must be headed at least in part by individuals currently living in, or native of, the South Florida region. *This does not mean you need to be shooting in any part in the South Florida region. Feel free to shoot anywhere you'd like, as long at the production is HQ'd in South Florida or headed by South Florida artists/craftspeople.

So,let's define the space! MFDP considers South Florida as including Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties as well as the Florida Keys (Monroe County) and the interior region known as The Glades. 

While MFDP is based out of Miami, we are dedicated to supporting filmmakers in all of South Florida. This is our effort to support, on a much broader level, the construction of financial, creative, and educational infrastructures upon which South Florida filmmakers, media artists, technicians and investors can build an independent film industry worthy of the diverse artistic and intellectual exchanges already existing in our region.